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Pottery workshop in English

P&A pottery class

◎This class is taught by an English-speaking instructor who will explain the techniques in English.


◎Finished works cannot be shipped overseas. Please participate only if you are able to receive your work. Or if you want to participate as an experience only that is also ok. (Your piece will be recycled)

◎This is a hands-on experience of pottery making using a potter's hand wheel. First time participants are also welcome. You can create your own unique vessels and objects while understanding the properties of clay.

◎Your work will be glazed and fired by the instructor at a later date and completed in about one month.

◎The appropriate age is 6 years old and up. Children under elementary school age must be accompanied by an adult to participate. Please inform us of the number of children and their ages when you make a reservation.















Timetable (120min.)
①Explanation of techniques (15 minutes)
basic ceramic techniques and processes, properties of clay, etc. Samples of various types of vessels will be prepared, and the type of vessel to be produced will be decided. Please show us if you have sketches or material images you have brought and the instructor will guide you on how you can make them.

②Molding (45min.)
We will mold the pieces using techniques such as ball making and plate making. 

③Drying / Explanation about glaze (20min.)
The work will be semi-dried in order to allow for the trimming process.
Explanation of glaze colors will be given during drying.

④Shaving and finishing (30min.) 
You will carve the semi-dried piece, glue the parts together, and do the finishing touches.

⑤Fill out the sheet/payment (10min.)
When the work is complete, you will carve your signature on the bottom of the piece.
Please fill out the workshop sheet with your desired glaze, etc. and submit it.
After selecting options, please pay the option fee at the counter.

⑥Glazing and firing work (by staff)
The created work produced in the workshop will be completed at a later date through the process of drying → unglazed firing → glazing → main firing. It takes about one month to complete the work.


(1) What you can make
You can make various types of vessels and objects such as tea bowls, small bowls, mugs, vases for single flowers, and objet d'art.
One person is allowed to make one piece. Only small sized pieces can be made.
The amount of clay is about 450g.
If you have a clear idea of what you would like to make, please bring a photo or design drawing of the object you would like to make.


(2) Glaze
You can choose one glaze color from matte white, yellow, blue, or brown.
glazing process will be done by our staff at a later date.


(3) Option
Optional fees will be settled at the reception desk after the workshop. Payment is by cash only. Tax included.

・Size up 1,100 yen
If you would like to make a larger piece such as a rice bowl, platter, or flowerpot, you can double the amount of clay for +1100 yen. (We recommend the regular size for first-time customers, as larger pieces are more difficult to make.)

・Additional glaze 1,100 yen
You may use two of the four types of glazes to create separate or layered glazes.


(4) How to receive the completed work
We will contact you by e-mail when the work is finished. Please note that the e-mail may be automatically sorted into your spam folder. You can choose to pick up your artwork from the following options.

・In-store pickup
Please check the business day attached to the email notifying you of the completion of your work and come to the store.
We will provide packing materials, but please bring your own eco-bag.
If 3 months have passed since we received your completed work, it will be disposed of.

・Delivery 770 yen for packing( + cash on delivery fee)
After the workshop, we will fill out a shipping slip and ask you to pay the packing fee.
After the work is completed, we will deliver it to the address you specify via Yamato Transport COD. We will inform you of the shipping number by e-mail after shipping.


(5) Notes
・Please be sure to check the details page of the workshop before making a reservation.
・We will provide aprons, but please come dressed in clothes you don't mind getting dirty.
・We recommend that you cut your fingernails short since there will be some modeling with your fingertips.
・On the day of the workshop, please arrive 5 minutes before the start time. If you are going to be late, please be sure to contact us in advance.


(6) Disclaimer
・No refunds or extensions will be made for late arrivals or no-shows.
・Due to the nature of clay and the firing process, there is a possibility of   deformation, distortion, cracking, or unevenness of glaze on the pieces during the drying and firing stages after the workshop.
We cannot compensate for the condition of the fired works.
・We cannot compensate for any damage caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and fires.
・We carefully pack and ship the works, but in the unlikely event that a work is damaged in transit, we will not be able to return it or offer refunds.


(7) Cancellation Policy
The following cancellation fees will apply in the event of cancellation of a reservation.
・100% refund up to 48 hours prior to the workshop start date and time.
・50% refund up to 24 hours prior to the workshop start date and time.
・No refunds will be made after 24 hours prior to the workshop start date and time.

Please note the following when making a reservation

Please be sure to confirm that it is an ENGLISH workshop, number of participants, and date and time before making a reservation.Please be sure to confirm number of participants,

When booking online. If there is only one space remaining the option to select for multiple participants will not appear. If you want to book for more people please select a different time

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